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I can help you get the most out of your voice!

Whether you are a keen karaoke singer looking for some coaching to improve your technique, or you are working towards more formal graded exams to pursue a career in music I am here to help.

I specialise in Pop vocals, particularly the Rockschool exams, although I have experience in a range of styles. I can mentor you on techniques such as posture, breathing and pitch exercises, as well as altering your tone, dynamics, articulation and diction for a confident and engaging performance!

Whether you are a complete beginner or have already taken graded exams I am here to help. With 1-1 piano tuition I am able to tailor lessons to suit your individual needs and experience.

If you are learning as a hobby I am happy to focus on the style of music you are interested in playing whilst also encouraging an eclectic mix of genres to broaden your skillset.

If your focus is graded exams I have experience in teaching the ABRSM specification with its more classical bias, as well as RockSchool ltd if you are more inspired by the Rock/Pop/Jazz pathway.

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Harmony Vox

This session is designed to assist those looking to improve their group singing skills with a focus on repertoire, blending, phrasing, diction and harmony.

Typically this type of lesson would suit:

- duets/trios for GCSE and A Level performance

- choral singers

- students preparing the harmony tests for Rockschool exams

- backing vocalists

I am happy to be your ensemble partner in the lesson (solo option) or you can bring additional singers (duet/trio option) and split the cost.

I offer a wide range of assistance with music theory from learning the basics of reading music to advanced Jazz harmony. As a qualified Secondary Music teacher I have experience in teaching GCSE and A Level Music. I also coach students working towards the standard Grade V Music Theory exam required for taking grade 6-8 practical exams and a prerequisite for any application to further/higher education music courses.

I teach theory in a very practical way and use real world music examples to demonstrate concepts to keep it relevant and engaging. 

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